Web Hosting in Layman’s Terms

When someone mentions web hosting then they mean a service which offers the ability to individuals or companies to host their websites .  In essence, the web hosting service rents out its diskspace to its customers.  Also, when it comes to hosting, it is always cheaper to avail of shared hosting rather than single hosting which is known as dedicated server hosting.  Getting web hosting for your sites affords much better internet access for your visitors.  Some web hosting services actually provide free web hosting to their clients, but the features offered are very limited.  This type of web hosting is normally only alright for single page personal websites. 

Opting for virtual web hosting will allow companies or individuals to use their own names in the addresses of their websites and emails.  In other words, each company which uses the services of the web host will appear as though it has its own dedicated server.  This is the preferable option for most people as they don’t like the thought of the web hosts name making an appearance in their website address. 

Large companies with a lot of traffic usually require a dedicated host.  This way they will be able to retain sole use of the server without all the worry’s that go with shared hosting.  Most of the bigger companies tend to buy their own servers to host their sites on. 

The main provision of a web hosting service is the storage of files.  Files can then be accessed by the individuals who own the sites by means of a web interface like cPanel or through an FTP program. This is therefore ideal for personal web pages.  A more complex website would require a more advanced package which would include support for installing and writing scripts in order to allow the website to function correctly.  There are some web hosts that offer fully admin services to their clients, making their life a little bit easier.

If you have a web site then you need to choose the correct web hosting, whether this is drupal web hosting or phpbb web hosting you must make sure that you choose a top notch and reliable hosting business.

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