Pros And Cons Of Colocation Hosting

Colloquially, the term hosting is used for the way in which Companies and corporations make use of different servers for hosting of websites, emails and for storing and sharing content with their users.While the large organizations can have their own IT teams to take care of the infrastructure, having a dedicated server and team for hosting their services may not be cost effective to the small and medium organizations.

This has resulted in the creation of the new Colocation Hosting services being offered by various providers.In such offerings, the hosting organization takes a specific location and stores multiple servers of various organizations in different rackspaces.Since the commercial space and the facilities like high bandwidth, uninterrupted power supply and redundant network and power connections are reused between the various users, the overall cost that each of the organization needs to pay for the colocation is reduced, thus reducing the IT costs involved in keeping the server.

However, the main difference between colocation and normal hosting is that here the individual users have to pay for installation of their own hardware, which allows them to put the machines of their choice.It also provides the Companies with the flexibility of installing operating systems and other tools based on their requirements.Most data centers provide additional benefits like security against natural disasters and power outages, and very high-speed connections.

Colocation does have a disadvantage that the server is not present in your office and you need to go to the colocation facility if you need to have physical access to the server.This can pose a problem if your colocation facility is located in other city or state.In case your usage is less than a single server, then you may find the colocation services to be more expensive as compared to web hosting services, which provide CPU-time sharing to multiple users on their servers.But the colocation pricing comes out to be cheaper in case you are a mid-sized Company or have medium-high bandwidth requirements from your servers.

Before settling with any colocation solution, make sure that you compare the services of various providers, check their quality of service, bandwidth availability and distance from your location.Also, consider the fluctuations in the colocation pricing, since an extremely huge amount of traffic may lead to higher costs for you.

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